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About The Crypto Love Academy
How does the refund policy work?
We offer a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with The Crypto Love Academy just contact our customer support ( within 30 days of your purchase and request a refund.  We will refund 100% of your money no questions asked.
What payment methods do you offer?
Currently we accept all major credit cards. 
Can I pay using cryptocurrency?
Unfortunately not. In order to track orders, and provide you the best service possible we are restricted to using established payments processors (which do not currently integrate with cryptocurrencies). However, this should be changing in the future and we will absolutely integrate cryptocurrency payments in the future. Besides, you should HODL your cryptocurrency... its value is only increasing!
What comes with the monthly membership?
Monthly members receive a FREE Crypto Love mug and access to the Crypto Love Academy (including Crypto Millionaire Blueprint, Bitcoin Starter Kit, Crypto Autopilot, Crypto Trading Secrets, ICO Infinitum, Crypto Love Webinar Series, and Crypto Investor Toolkit).  Please note, for monthly members, access to the training materials is limited to active memberships only.  If membership is cancelled at any time, access to the academy will be immediately revoked.
What comes with the lifetime membership?
Lifetime members receive everything included with the monthly membership, plus the receive a FREE Crypto Love shirt AND mug, and lifetime access to the academy.  Also, Lifetime Members will receive access to all academy training upgrades and updates for life.
Do I still receive a free t-shirt and/or mug with the trial membership?
Unfortunately not.  The free t-shirt and/or mug promotion is only valid for members who purchase membership to the Crypto Love Academy up front.
When do I receive my bonuses?
Once you purchase your membership to the Crypto Love Academy you will receive an email containing details about how to claim you free t-shirt and/or mug.  Shipping and delivery times depend on your location, but generally domestic orders are processed within 7-10 business days and international orders usually take longer.
About Cryptocurrency
Is cryptocurrency legal in my country? What if the government bans cryptocurrency?
Yes, cryptocurrency is legal in almost every country around the world. If you are concerned that cryptocurrency is illegal in your country, simply Google "Is cryptocurrency legal in (your country)?" In reality, cryptocurrency networks are decentralized and distributed globally (much like the internet itself) and thus governments cannot restrict access to the networks, the only thing they may be able to restrict is the use of cryptocurrency by retail establishments.
Will cryptocurrency exist in 5-10 years?
Absolutely yes! In fact, cryptocurrency is revolutionizing financial markets everywhere.  Currently, cryptocurrency technology is being implemented by governments, financial institutions, and Fortune 500 companies all over the world.  Within the next 5-10 years cryptocurrency will become more and more accepted, and the longer you wait to enter the market, the more expensive cryptocurrencies will be.
How do you know cryptocurrencies will increase in value?
Unlike fiat currencies (USD, Euros, Yen, etc.) cryptocurrencies have a fixed supply. In other words, cryptocurrencies cannot just print new money at will. For example, the max supply of Bitcoin is 21 million and currently there is already 17 million in circulation. Based on simple supply and demand, the value of Bitcoin will increase as acceptance and use increases.
Is investing in cryptocurrency riskier than traditional investments (stocks, bonds, etc)?
Cryptocurrency markets are relatively new and exhibit much more volatility than traditional markets.  As cryptocurrency gains more widespread use, markets will inevitably stabilize and become less volatile. Having said that, cryptocurrency is generally as risky as traditional investments given you do your research.  There are definitely scammers interested taking advantage of cryptocurrencies newbies, however an educated investor stands to profit more (and faster) with cryptocurrency.  The Crypto Love Academy was created to help cryptocurrency investors learn quickly so they can make the most money and avoid scams.
Is cryptocurrency a scam?
There are scammers in every market, cryptocurrency included.  Fortunately with some education it is relatively easy to pick out cryptocurrency scams.  Inside the Crypto Love Academy you will discovery some easy methods of quickly picking out cryptocurrency scams and you'll also learn how to thoroughly research cryptocurrency projects so you can become an educated investor.
Is cryptocurrency a bubble?
Every market and business is a bubble.  They have a period of creation, explosive growth, and decline.  Consider the DotCom bubble for example. There was the introduction of the internet, explosive growth, and a decline... However the internet still exists, along with a handful of wildly successful internet businesses (and more being created every day). The same goes for cryptocurrency, but as we stand today we are only at the VERY BEGINNING of the explosive growth phase.  In fact, all cryptocurrencies account for less that 0.01% of the world's currency.  So there is plenty of time for growth!
Why is cryptocurrency valuable?
Generally speaking, value is a perception. US dollars are only valuable because we accept them as payment in exchange for goods and services.  To that effect, cryptocurrency is valuable because it is accepted as payment for goods and services, as well as being a traded commodity. In addition, cryptocurrency has built in value. First, cryptocurrency must be mined which requires a certain amount of energy input (in the form of computer algorithms solving cryptographic calculations). Second, the underlying technology (known as blockchain technology) is valuable because it is a innovation in payment, consensus, and fraud management systems which can be applied to almost every industry worldwide.
What is mining? Do I have to mine cryptocurrency?
Mining is the term used to describe the way in which cryptocurrency transactions are recorded and new cryptocurrency is created.  "Crypto" in the name "Cryptocurrency" refers to the use of cryptographic technology. This is the same technology used to protect encrypted information such as passwords and encrypted files on your computer.  Every time a cryptocurrency transaction is initiated a cryptocurrency miner verifies that transaction and records the transaction to a block on the blockchain, making that transaction final and immutable. Miners are also rewarded with cryptocurrency when they record a new block on the blockchain.  The technical details of how mining works are outside of the scope of this FAQ, but essentially all you need to know is that mining secures cryptocurrency transactions.  Finally, you do not need to mine cryptocurrency in order to invest, however mining is one of many way to make money in cryptocurrency if you choose to do so.
Do I need a cryptocurrency wallet?
Yes! Cryptocurrency wallets are VERY easy to create. If you can download an app on your phone you can create a cryptocurrency wallet.  In fact, many exchanges create a wallet for you when you sign up.  There is plenty of information about how to create cryptocurrency wallets inside the academy.
Do I have to pay transaction fees for buying cryptocurrency? How much are they?
Yes and No. Depending on how you buy cryptocurrency you may be charged fees.  In reality they are convenience fees for using an exchange.  Usually transaction fees are only charged for market orders, whereas limit orders have no fees.  The fees for cryptocurrency transaction vary based on the exchange and sometimes the amount of currency transferred, but generally cryptocurrency fees are less than what a bank would charge for money transfers.
What influences the price of cryptocurrency?
Just like any other commodity, the price of cryptocurrency is based on supply and demand.  Since the supply of cryptocurrency in relatively low when compared to other currencies and investments (fiat, stocks, bonds, etc) the market can be somewhat volatile. However, cryptocurrencies have historically gained value over time.
Can I lose my cryptocurrency?
There's a famous saying... with great power comes great responsibility.  This holds true for cryptocurrency.  The power of cryptocurrency is that it gives you complete control of your money, but that also means that you must keep track of your private keys (the passwords to your wallet).  If you lose your private keys you will lose your cryptocurrency.  Having said that, there are wallets that can manage your private keys for you.
Can the government (or anyone) cease my cryptocurrency?
Nope! If you secure your cryptocurrency correctly (keeping your private keys private) nobody can touch your money but you.  In fact, your cryptocurrency transactions contain no personal information so it's possible to maintain complete anonymity in the cryptocurrency world.
What's the difference between Bitcoin and cryptocurrency?
Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency ever created and remains the model for most other cryptocurrencies.  Other cryptocurrencies (sometimes referred to as altcoins) work in much the same way as Bitcoin but generally serve another purpose besides acting purely as a currency.  For example, cryptocurrencies can manage information storage systems, act as social media platforms, run online applications, and much more.
Can I use cryptocurrencies for everyday purchases?
Yes, some. Currently many retailers (both online and brick and mortar) accept Bitcoin as payment for goods and services. Also, there are many companies working on payment systems which will soon integrate cryptocurrencies into our everyday lives. As time goes on, cryptocurrency will become more widespread and usable.
About ICOs
What is an ICO?
ICO stands for initial coin offering. ICOs are fund raising campaigns used by companies to generate funding so they can research and develop new cryptocurrency projects.
Are ICOs a scam?
Generally speaking no.  However, it is VERY important to do your research before investing in an ICO.  There have been ICO scams in the past, as they are an easy way for companies to generate a lot of money. That being said, ICOs can be EXTREMELY profitable. Many ICOs have generated 10,000% or more gains for investors.
Is it legal for me to invest in ICOs?
The answer to this depends greatly on the ICO itself and the country in which you are a legal citizen.  Generally speaking, it is difficult for US citizens to invest in ICOs due to SEC regulations, however many ICOs are now taking this into consideration and working within SEC regulations to make investing more accessible for US investors.
How many ICOs are there?
TONS! At the time of writing there are approximately 40-50 new ICOs every single day! 
Are ICOs risky?
Yes.  Simply put, yes ICOs are risky. However, you can mitigate your risk greatly by doing your research. Inside the academy you will learn the best practices for researching ICOs so you can benefit from the potential profits you can see from investing in ICOs.
How much money do I need to invest in an ICO?
This varies greatly depending on the ICO.  Some ICOs will accept as little as a few hundred dollars and other may require a minimum investment of a couple thousand dollars.
Where can I find information about ICOs?
Inside the academy you will find a list of the best resources to get information about upcoming and ongoing ICOs.  
I heard you can use VPNs to invest in ICOs as a US citizen, is that true?
There are some techniques for cloaking your identity to avoid SEC regulations for US citizen, however these techniques are highly illegal and NOT RECOMMENDED! If you are a US citizen, you are better off investing in cryptocurrencies or ICOs which have been SEC approved.
How do I invest in an ICO?
Inside the academy you will learn everything you need to know in order to research an ICO and invest.
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